A cache on a peninsula

Today I found a geocache wayyy out on a peninsula on Milford Lake:

A map of where the cache I found was placed
The hike started quite a ways north of the top of this picture

It was a really difficult hike (at times — one commenter described it as “by far the most rigorous cache I’ve found”) but I think it was worth it — the view from the edge of the peninsula (a sandy cliff maybe 20 feet above the water) was incredible, and no one had visited this particular cache in over a year.  For the most part everything went smoothly, except for a branch that broke under my weight.  Fortunately, though, I only fell a couple of feet since I was just trying to cross a fallen tree.

I’ve been doing a lot of very easy caches recently (mostly cemeteries, since they often have a lot of cool history) but I decided today would be a good day to be a little more adventurous.  I’ll probably go back to more tame caches for a while, but it’s definitely nice to know that caches like these are out there.

The geocache's log
The cache’s log, showing no one had been there for over a year
The view from the cache
The view from where the cache was hidden — click for the full version.