Colbert Hills executive course

Summertime has arrived, which means it's golf time.  There's a top-notch golf course here in Manhattan called Colbert Hills (designed by Jim Colbert)which I've been playing on recently.  I'm not really good enough to hold my own on the main course (though I was part of a scramble team out there) so I've been playing more on the "Executive Course."  It's a nine hole, all par three course which is designed to be played pretty quickly.  It's super cheap ($6 for students, $10 for an all-day pass) and maintained at the quality level of the rest of the course.  It's still sort of punishing, too, because straying very far from the green / fairway lands you in four foot tall native grass.  It's a neat course, and a neat concept — I wish more courses had smaller, cheaper versions that could be played after work.  While playing 18 holes is fun, it's also sort of a time commitment that is better suited for a Saturday than a Tuesday.

The third hole of the Colbert Hills executive (par three) course

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